Heavy Construction Equipment Tracking Devices

Companies that use, buy or rent heavy machinery know the difficulties of keeping track of them and keeping them maintained. With Fleet Trax’s heavy equipment tracking devices you are guaranteed a piece of mind no matter where the equipment is. Our heavy equipment GPS tracking and E-log systems let your company know exactly where your equipment is and how it’s operating.

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Integrate GPS Heavy Equipment Tracking Devices into Your Daily Routine

For the last 10 years, companies have been turning to Fleet Trax for development and dispatch solutions. Our construction equipment tracking software and E-logs are FMCSA-certified. You can rest assured knowing your company is protected against CSA penalties and fines with our products.

Other benefits of using Fleet Trax’s heavy equipment tracking:

  • All of our systems are modular. Consult with a Fleet Trax expert about your business needs and we can make a professional recommendation as to which parts of the program best suit your needs.
  • Our software is compatible with many of the programs and software you are already using.
  • We don’t hold you to any annual or semi-annual contracts. We prefer our customers to choose Fleet Trax every month.
  • Each customer has a dedicated account manager to go to for any questions and concerns.
  • Our products come paired with unbeatable customer service. You won’t find any other team quite like ours.

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Start Something Great with Fleet Trax

Find out how the little things like heavy equipment tracking devices can make a big difference in your company and to your bottom line. No more waiting for machines to break down or get lost when you have Fleet Trax powered heavy equipment GPS tracking on your side. Find out how we can create a free personalized demo for your team today by contacting a member of the Fleet Trax team.