Hardwired Battery Operated GPS Tracking Systems

You need hardwired GPS vehicle tracking systems more than you ever have before. By Dec. 18, 2017, your fleet must be E-Log compliant. This is a government mandate that impacts trucking and shipping companies all over the country. If you don’t comply with the ruling, you could be given fines and other such penalties.

But don’t worry – if you’re not using the right battery operated GPS systems already then we’re here to help. Our cutting-edge system will help you adhere to these new laws, gather more information about your vehicles, avoid the fines and fees, and be more efficient and productive. We can help you move your fleet forward successfully.

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Driving Alerts

Naturally, our hardwired GPS vehicle tracking systems and our battery operated GPS systems help you determine the location of your vehicles, but it goes far beyond that. We can also give you alerts that help you stay on top of your daily operations. A few examples include:

  • Alerts when the brakes are hit in an aggressive manner.
  • Alerts when the drivers are exceeding the speed limit.
  • Alerts when the truck has been idling for a significant amount of time.
  • Reminders that it’s time for an oil change, based on the miles that have been driven.
  • Reminders that it is time for a tire rotation or replacement.

It can be hard to keep track of this when you have a massive fleet to worry about, but proper maintenance can help prevent accidents, as can keeping your drivers accountable for their actions. We help you on all fronts so that you don’t run into any issues.


Of course, the battery operated GPS tracking device also helps to make you more efficient. You know exactly where the trucks are, you can coordinate jobs, and you can identify ways in which time is being wasted. Though the hardwired GPS tracking device may be mandatory thanks to the new government regulations, many people use our systems because of how helpful they are, not just to be in compliance with the law.

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