GPS Tracking Systems For Trucking Companies

Does your business currently have tracking systems software? If your fleet of trucks is not currently tracked by GPS software for trucking companies, you may be surprised to learn just how beneficial such software can be. At Fleet Trax, our trucking software is designed to provide immediate value, such as providing you with the real-time location of your vehicles.

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GPS Tracking Systems for Companies

We know that there are many kinds of GPS tracking software available. However, Fleet Trax provides the best value in the industry today. Not only are our GPS tracking systems full of advanced features, but we also offer E-Logs for AOBRD compliance. With the government mandate going into effect in December of next year, it’s more important than ever before to ensure that your E-logs are FMCSA-certified. This will ensure that your company will be E-Log compliant and free of the risk of CSA penalties and fines. Some of the other features of our GPS tracking systems for companies include:

  • Real-time vehicle locations
  • Alerts for speeding, idling, and hardbraking
  • Reminders for vehicle maintenance
  • Diagnostic alerts
  • Scalable to any size business

Our customer service is unrivaled in the industry. As experts in GPS tracking, E-Logs and RFID, we know how important it is to have a dedicated account manager. We provide you with one contact for all of your needs. We have no contracts, so billing is done from month to month. Our trucking software is very easy-to-use. We will help you save on fleet costs, including fuel, insurance and payroll. There are many benefits of our tracking software for trucking companies that haven’t even been listed yet.

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