GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking Provider

If you’re looking for a GPS fleet tracking provider, you’ve come to the right place. With Fleet Trax fleet vehicle tracking services, you’ll know where every vehicle in your fleet is at all times.

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Increase Efficiency and Optimize Your Fleet with Our GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracker

As a leading GPS vehicle tracking provider, we know that the right tracking equipment and technology can lower costs, improve productivity and customer service and help fleet owners avoid costly compliance penalties. Our state-of-the-art GPS tracking provides the peace of mind of knowing what’s going on with all of your vehicles, no matter where they are.

The Benefits of Fleet Trax GPS Tracking

Our GPS fleet tracking provides more than the location of your vehicles. It gives you information in real time on:

  • The history of the vehicle’s movements
  • The direction in which they’re traveling
  • When and for how long they’ve been idle
  • Off-hour usage by employees
  • Inmarsat satellite coverage
  • Status alerts

And much more!

Our GPS fleet vehicle tracker software is flexible enough to accommodate a fleet of hundreds of trucks or smaller fleets with just a few vehicles.

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A Trusted GPS Fleet Tracking Provider

Fleet Trax has been providing the latest in software solutions for the trucking industry for over a decade. We serve industries that maintain a fleet or manage construction equipment. Any business with vehicles can benefit from our fully customizable solutions.

Our customers know they can count on our friendly, knowledgeable professionals to recommend the best software products for their needs, and to provide free training and technical support to help them use the products to their full capacity and to upgrade software to meet their growing, changing needs.

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