GPS Asset Management System

When your job is dealing with anything and everything on-the-go, consider adopting a GPS asset management system. The Fleet Trax FMCSA-certified GPS asset tracking system is the solution to keeping track of shipments and staff progress once a shipment has left the warehouse. If you are constantly losing track of trailers out on the road or want to get a head start on FMCSA compliance, talk to a member of the Fleet Trax team about what we can do to help.

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Benefits of Tracking with Fleet Trax Asset Tracking Devices

Anyone who works with or manages a shipping fleet knows how much time is lost on keeping track of every single truck and putting that information into redundant spreadsheets. Find freedom in the Fleet Trax system when all the right parts come together:

  • Modular Parts – Our GPS asset management is part of our modular system which means that it can be used solely for its single purpose or perfectly paired with other software to streamline information.
  • Moving Parts – As a GPS tracking system company, we know our customers need to be able to move around. Keeping track of moving assets is often more difficult than it needs to be. By adapting to a GPS tracking you know where all of your drivers and shipments are in a matter of seconds.
  • Helpful Parts – With every asset tracking system installed we promise to deliver an unprecedented level of customer service. We work hard to solve any issues, quickly.

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Start Tracking Now

Reach out the Fleet Trax team for more information about how our GPS asset tracking system will help improve your business. We can even schedule a demo of our GPS asset management to see the whole system in action. Call today for a free consultation with a Fleet Trax expert.