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How smoothly is your machine running? This isn’t a reference to your computer or your car. We mean how well are your daily functions handled and organized. Have you heard how adopting vehicle dispatch software for trucking companies can make operations and communications easier than you’ve ever imagined? With Fleet Trax fleet GPS dispatch for trucking companies, we make it easy to communicate, track and record your fleet, shipments, vehicle maintenance and so much more.

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Our modular fleet vehicle dispatch software for trucking companies allows you to schedule jobs, track drivers and vehicles, contact your fleet in the field and even keep a record of maintenance. Are you ready to increase productivity and discover your maximum potential?

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  • By the end of 2017, all fleets will need to be equipped with fleet GPS dispatch for trucking companies to meet new regulations. All of our E-logging systems are FMCSA certified.
  • When you need specifics about your drivers and their safe driving habits we have modules that you can add-on to monitor speed, hard-breaking and hard turns and idling alerts.
  • You protect yourself, your company and your drivers by staying E-log compliant. Who knows when a member of your team could get pulled over and asked for their papers?

All systems are personalized to meet the needs of your company and fleet!

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Want to see how fleet GPS dispatch for trucking companies can work specifically for yours? Contact a member of the Fleet Trax team to request a demo and a free 30-day trial. We want to revolutionize the way you do business by showing you how easy it is to integrate vehicle dispatch software for trucking companies into your current practices. Find out for yourself today!