Electronic Truck Driver Logbook Software

In order to ensure timely deliveries and retain happy customers, we know your number one priority is to keep track of your fleet. Installing our electronic driver logbook will help you do just that. Stop wondering if your drivers are running on schedule and know instantly by integrating our proven driver logbook software.

electronic logbook software

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Benefits of an Electronic Truck Logbook

Outfitting your fleet with a paperless logbook system will give you real time data not only on the location of your trucks, but information on the efficiency and effectiveness of your drivers as well. Let our electronic driver logbook take the guesswork out of your daily operations.

  • Dispatch optimization. Getting your deliveries to your customers in a timely basis can be optimized with our dispatch tools. Our software can integrate with Garmin navigation systems, as well as the smartphone or tablet of your choice, allowing you to facilitate two-way communication and improve driver routes.
  • Easy installation. We offer hidden, hard-wired devices for covert tracking and plug-and-play trackers that are just as easy to install as they are to use. Our driver log system gives you the power to customize reports, alerts, and maintenance schedules.
  • No contracts. Our month-to-month payment policy for our truck driver logbook software means that our service can remain flexible to your business cycle. If your fleet runs seasonally, we will be there when you need us without the burden of a contract.
  • Increase efficiency. With our driver logbook software, our clients have experienced an increase in productivity. Knowing the daily operations of your fleet gives you the opportunity to better allocate assets and resources.

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