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Are you ready for the changes that 2017 brings with it? Have you already ordered your electronic logbook software for ELD compliance? Many companies will try to tell you they are AOBRD compliant but you will still be subjected to fines of you don’t meet the right certification requirements. Our electronic logbook devices are both AOBRD compliant and FMCSA certified to keep our customers safe and free from fines.

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Keeping Everything in Check

Using electronic logbook software for ELD compliance is about more than just adhering to the rules. With GPS tracking and E-log information you have a direct link to your team and assets at any time.

  • Discover Driving Habits – You will be surprised to find out that using advanced versions of E-log software for ELD compliance will track no only where you drivers are and how long they have been driving but also their speeds, braking habits and any time spent idling.
  • Manage Mileage – The E-log device for ELD compliance can also help to keep an eye out on how many miles your vehicles have on their wheels, save fueling receipts easily and track any tolls along your driver’s route.
  • Ask for Alerts – There are certain presets in the system that will alert you of any potential violations. If your driver is driving for too many consecutive hours or exceeding the speed limit our system will notify you immediately.

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Want to find out how simple it is to integrate electronic logbook software for ELD compliance? Contact Fleet Trax today to find out more information regarding our electronic logbook devices and how they will protect you from future fines. We will gladly send product overviews and demonstrational videos right away to give a proper perspective of how it all works. Contact a member of our team today.