E-Log Systems For Safety Managers

Did you know that you’ll need to be using E-log systems for safety managers by next year? On Dec. 18, 2017, a new law goes into effect requiring E-log compliance as mandatory. If you have not started using E-log software for safety managers yet, it’s time to start looking into your options. It’s best to make the transition well in advance so that you know you’re ready to go when the law goes into effect!

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Why E-Log Systems?

Why are these E-log systems for safety managers being used? On the government side of things, it makes tracking far easier and more reliable. There are strict laws about driving schedules, breaks, how long truckers can be on the road, and other driver safety concerns. Truckers may be tempted to break these laws, but the log books have to be examined to ensure that they don’t. The E-log software for safety managers is being made mandatory in an effort to make the roads safer and ensure that drivers follow the regulations.

However, you shouldn’t just think of the log software for safety managers as something you use because the government is making you. It can also help to make your company safer and more productive, which can both save you money and help you earn more in the long run. It tracks things like:

  • How long a truck is in idle.
  • If a driver is breaking the speed limit.
  • Exactly where the truck has been, using GPS technology.
  • When a driver is braking aggressively.
  • When the truck needs an oil change or new tires.

This is all valuable information for you to have as you manage the fleet, and the E-log programs for safety managers put it all at your fingertips. We use state-of-the art technology that has been proven to be reliable and dependable in many industries, and we provide both hard-wired and battery-operated devices.

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