Custom GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking Systems

Maybe your company has a driver that you just don’t think is doing what they’re supposed to while on the clock. Perhaps it’s actually off the clock that you are more worried about. Is one of your company vehicles being used when it should be parked at the end of a shift? At Fleet Trax, we have the answer. As a custom GPS fleet tracking company, we provide GPS asset tracking software so companies just like yours know exactly where their vehicles and other assets are at all times.

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GPS Asset Tracking Systems

At Fleet Trax, we are a custom GPS fleet tracking company that truly understand the need to know where your assets are at all times. Our software provides real-time results, too. In addition to knowing where your assets are, we have also designed our software to provide other information such as:

  • Speeding
  • Hardbraking
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Idling
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • And much more.

As a result, our custom GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems provide the most comprehensive data about your assets that you can find from a GPS vehicle tracking company.

(Stop Report)

(Speed Report)

(Idle Report)

(Maintenance Report)

E-Log Compliance

Another area where it is important to always know what is going on is with your E-Logs. Compliance is required by December of next year by government mandate, and our software also provides it. Instead of finding your company hit with CSA fines and penalties, why not ensure your E-Logs are FMCSA certified? It just makes sense.

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