Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

As of Dec. 18, 2017, all commercial vehicle fleets will need to be E-Log compliant or companies run the risk of CSA penalties and fines. At Fleet Trax, our industry-leading trucking software provides E-Logs that are FMCSA-certified, so fleet managers can rest assured they are protected against CSA penalties and fines. However, our trucking software provides more than just E-Logs. It also has one of the best GPS vehicle tracking systems available today. Our vehicle tracking systems can help you save time and money. No matter the size of your company, any fleet manager can appreciate the features and values our systems bring.

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Best Fleet Tracking Companies

Do you know what your drivers are doing or where they are during the day? For example, maybe your driver is using the company vehicle for personal errands. This is costing your company money in terms of gas and wear on your vehicles. Maybe maintenance issues go unchecked. Our Hybrid Plan offers real-time tracking and reporting for vehicles and assets. As one of the best GPS fleet management companies, Fleet Trax has many more software solutions available, with features and benefits that include:

  • Landmarks
  • Locate on demand
  • Optional starter disable
  • After hours monitoring
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts

Simply put, you won’t find Truckload Carrier Software, Private Fleet Software or Truck Brokerage Software that is more complete than what Fleet Trax provides. Our fleet management systems are modular in design, so as your needs grow, our trucking software allows you to build-on and you can integrate all of the various aspects of your company, from dispatch to account, from safety to vehicle maintenance.

Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

At Fleet Trax, our trucking software is priced competitively. We believe that the more advanced and useful features available in our systems make them a terrific value. In addition to our competitively pricing, Fleet Trax’s benefits include:

  • A dedicated account manager: There will be one contact for all your needs and we offer the best customer service in the industry.
  • No contracts: Our software is available on a month-to-month basis.
  • Direct access to technical support.
  • Easy-to-use applications.
  • Savings on fleet costs: payroll, fuel and insurance.
  • Lifetime data storage.
  • Web-based application, so you don’t have to download software.
  • 95 percent customer retention rate.

It’s easy to see why we are the industry leader in trucking software.

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