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Best Fleet Tracking Software

We know that keeping track of your fleet is your number one priority, and by using our software that offers the absolute best fleet tracking dispatch solutions in the industry, we can help you do just that. Have the best fleet GPS software at your fingertips and take the guesswork out of wondering where your fleet is. Real time tracking ensures that your customers receive their deliveries on time.

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Benefits of Having the Best GPS Vehicle Dispatch Software

With our fleet vehicle dispatch solutions, you will be able to track your fleet in an instant from your smartphone or tablet in addition to receiving email updates of the status of your vehicles. Let us bring your vehicles into compliance with government regulations by integrating the best fleet tracking dispatch solutions in the industry.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved communication. Our cutting edge technology will smoothly integrate with Garmin navigation devices, smartphones and tablets, to help facilitate two-way communication between you and your drivers. This not only ensures that driver routes are always accurate, but also provides you with instant job completion notifications.
  • We customize to fit your needs. Providing the best fleet GPS software in the industry means that we cater to our clients’ needs and preferences. If you have 2 vehicles or 200, we can provide the tracking system you need.
  • No contracts. We understand that your business can have busy seasons and slow seasons. Enjoy the flexibility of our no contract policy by paying for our services monthly on your seasonal schedule.
  • Increased productivity. With our fleet vehicle dispatch solutions, our clients have, on average, experienced a 20 percent increase in productivity. Improve the allocation of resources and assets to make your company operate at its highest potential.

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