Solar Powered Asset Tracking from Fleet Trax

Our solar powered asset trackers recharge themselves daily for continuous use and operates on one of the most modern and fastest satellite networks IN THE WORLD.


Monitor and track your valuable non-powered assets — even in remote locations

Features of our solar powered asset trackers include:

  • 8+ Years of Battery Life:
    Our solar powered units are recharged by the sun, giving you 8+ years of usable service

  • Reliable Location Reporting Nationwide:
    Satellite tracking ensures you get a powerful signal even in dead spots not covered by cellular

  • Easy to Install:
    Requires no harnesses, external power OR external antennas

    System Interface

    Asset Tracker Screenshots


    Make sure your asset’s engines are not running idly and wasting precious fuel.


    Immediatelyverify if your asset is in-motion or stopped completely.


    Set maintenance reminders for yourself to make sure your assets get all the proper tune-ups.


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