Get GPS Tracking, E-Logs or Both with the G3000

The G3000 from Fleet Trax offers a full suite of tracking reports and / or the option for FMCSA-certified E-Logs if your fleet requires them.



GPS and / or E-Logs at an Affordable Price with Easy Installation!

Some fleets just need E-logs,  some just need GPS tracking — and in many cases there are those that need both. The G3000 is a cost-effective unit that offers a full suite of tracking reports AND E-Logs if you need them. With the G3000, you get:

  • Unlimited training:
    Get free training and support on the product as you need it

  • Easy installation:
    Just the plug the device in and you’re ready to go

  • Driver Reports:
    Speeding, driver behavior, idling and maintenance reports to track your fleet


Monitor the Health of Your Fleet

The G3000 comes with diagnostic reporting tools for you to monitor the health of your vehicles and be notified of any basic maintenance needs such as battery replacements and oil and tire changes.


Fleet Trax System Reports

Speed Report

Make sure your drivers are not going over the speed limit

commercial vehicle tracking

Idle Reports

Be notified if a vehicle’s engine is idling and for how long.

gps tracking for fleets

Stop Reports

Find a vehicle’s location and see if it’s in motion or stopped.

Maintenance Report

Set reminders for oil changes and other maintenance needs.


(Optional Feature) FMCSA-certified E-Logs for DOT Compliance

If you have a fleet that needs to be ELD compliant by the Dec. 17th, 2017 deadline, then the G3000 is the perfect solution for you.

  • Easy to Learn:
    Simple interface that is intuitive for drivers and fleet managers alike

  • Inspection Reports:
    Send customizable DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports) with ease

  • Superior Tech Support
    We will make sure you and your drivers are fully trained on our ELDs

Fleet Log Status

View violations and form / manner issues in real-time

Individual Log

Identify log violations using the detail portal

Admin Log Change

Edit and annotate drivers’ logs for individual drivers

Individual Log

Set parameters to notify you of potential violations.


Learn More About the G3000 GPS Tracker Today

Whether your fleet needs E-Logs or not, the G3000 is one of our most affordable and versatile trackers out there. With the convenience of easy plug-and-play installation and the ability to monitor your fleet’s health with vehicle diagnostics, the G3000 is the complete GPS package you are looking for. Call us at (855) 999-7828 or fill out our contact form to schedule a demo of our systems today.

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