Dash Cam GPS Tracking from Fleet Trax  — See What Your Drivers See!

Protect your fleet! Our HD Cameras can record accident footage that can be used as evidence in conflicting accident reports.


Where Video Meets GPS

Our GPS tracking cameras provide you with instant video in crystal clear HD. Footage is permanently stored on our servers which can be accessed ON DEMAND.

  • Access Footage Instantly
    In the event of an accident,  you can instantly access footage of occurred events. Know and see what happened before being told.

  • Decrease Your Liability
    Visual evidence can help protect you against insurance fraud, exaggerated whiplash claims, and unsafe driver behavior.

  • GPS Tracking:
    Our cameras come complete with basic GPS tracking features to monitor your vehicle fleet with.


Correct Bad Driver Behavior

Our cameras let you access your driver’s history at any point during their route so you can see what they were doing at that exact moment.

Verify that they were:

  • Keeping their hands on the steering wheel

  • Wearing their seatbelt at all times

  • Not texting while driving


Learn More About Our Camera Tracking Systems Today

Visual evidence is invaluable in this day and age where truckers are more likely to be found at fault in an accident. If you can protect your fleet against just *one* lawsuit, then you will have saved yourself thousands of dollars in legal fees alone. Call us at (855) 999-7828 to learn more about our camera systems today.

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